Saturday, February 27, 2016

Learning session 8 - Friday 26th February 2016

Session slides (7MB) and PDF (1MB)

After a recap of session 7 we had a look at what other apps Google offers. We have explored many apps, including: Google Chrome, Bookmarks, Gmail, Drive, Blogger, Docs, Google Search, Snipping Tool, Paint and Windows.

Ensuring we had an understanding of download and upload I demonstrated how to test the internet connection with  and asked the class to confirm if it is a download or upload when we complete certain operations.

Afterwards we searched for the Google Help Centre, bookmarked this webpage for future reference and found Google Docs tab. The activity was to search the Help page to find out how to 'Type with our voice'. I found some headsets (which include a microphone) from Kmart for $5:00. After finding the instructions and we had a go at speech to text in Docs. We also explored Search by Voice with Google Search.

One of the goals during this class is to enable you to problem solve at home or work when you have no one to assist you. This is where the learning guides, the internet and Google Help Centre will of assistance outside of the classroom. 

Windows Explorer has a variety of views to view your files once saved. Each view gives different information about the file.

After break we explored the iPad some more. We created an Apple ID, installed appa, deleted apps and looked at searching and the reviews of apps. The aim was to create an Apple ID where we could download apps without requiring to insert a credit card number (selecting the None option for adding a payment method). Unfortunately this session did not go smoothly. We found out we need to create an Apple ID through the iCloud setting - not the Apple ID setting. So after cancelling our first attempt we achieved our result on the second. Next session will go much smoother and technology sometimes does not go to plan and we need to be patient while we sort out different app settings.

Next week we will create folders on the iPad and create a project on the iPad using Google Apps.

After our second break we completed out week 3 Blogger Learning Journal entry. This time we inserted a video, created a draft post and looked out how we could delete a blog post if required.