Monday, February 22, 2016

Learning session 6 - Monday 22nd February 2016

Session 6 Slides (1MB) and PDF (1MB)

Email activity (409KB)

Today's email activity we looked at word-processing in Google docs and Cut, Copy and Paste. We opened the Practice File called 'Computer Elements' and then opened a new blank Docs, this time side by side each other. We can take one tab and move it into a window by itself to snap side by side.

We looked at copying and pasting a URL (Web address) in Docs; this is useful when you are sourcing where your information came from. Short-cuts may make it easier for us to work more efficiently when using computer, these include:

I asked everyone to find two websites of interest and copy and paste their URL into a Doc and name this Doc Websites. I encouraged the use of short-cuts, however, demonstrated the Edit menu and right clicking options too. It becomes quite personal and you will find the way that suits you best. After the Copy and Paste activity we continued after break with a Cut and Paste activity. Sometimes when we Copy we think nothing has happened since it copies it the background or when we Cut we think our text has disappeared - it is saved to the Web Clipboard.

After the above activities we ventured back into Gmail to reply to the email I had sent you with the URLs you copied and pasted earlier. This time we looked at Spell-check, the Gmail Theme, and how to remove Spam from Gmail. We also created Contacts into Gmail, and I demonstrated how by creating contacts may save you time during emailing. Google has now made this app separate and has revamped from the older version. 

Gosh we did a lot today. After break I demonstrated how we can copy images from the Internet (Google Images). We looked at how to copy and paste an image (including the source for acknowledgement); saving images to our USBs, the Pictures folder in Windows Explorer, taking a PrintScreen and using the Snipping Tool.


The following session will involve using a vast amount of our knowledge and skills so far to create a word processed document, with the adding formatting, images and appropriate presentation.