Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Learning session 3 - Monday 15th February 2016

Session 3 Slides (6MB) and PDF (2MB)

Session three began with a recap of session 2 (Friday’s session). We completed our Blogger journal entry due to an internet outage on Friday. Next up we changed our journal settings to private – not public – so you have control over who read your blog. Your blog has been shared with me, I will aim to comment weekly on your learning journal throughout the course. You should have bookmarked this class blog page in Google chrome for ease of access.

Up next we opened Gmail and discussed how we can open Gmail (from typing into the web browser, clicking on the Gmail tab on the Google search web page, and a third way by clicking on the Apps icon at the top right of the screen in Chrome). As you can see there are many ways to perform an action. I hope to show you the most effective way to save time. We looked at how to read, compose, reply, add attachments and download attachments from Gmail.

Google Drive was our next topic. We looked at how to access Google Drive (the App icon in Chrome and in the web browser, where we are prompted to login to our Google Account. Google Drive is our cloud storage app, where we can have access to our files no matter which computer we log into, as long as there is an internet connection.

We opened a new Google document and had started navigating and becoming familiar with the Docs layout. We will be creating many word processed documents throughout our learning sessions.