Sunday, February 14, 2016

Learning session 2 - 12th February 2016

Session 2 slides (2MB) and PDF (1MB)

Day two commenced with a recap of our first session.
Revisiting computer terminology, hardware; software, the internet and the World Wide Web. We found that the Internet is the physical network of computers all over the world. The World Wide Web is a virtual network of websites connected by hyperlinks or links.

We could log in to the computers with our individual logins; ensuring we created a strong password when prompted to change our passwords. Within Learning Guide 1, page 5 there is a section on how to create a strong password and many strategies to consider.

Workplace Heath and Safety is an important issue we looked at next; previewing a video demonstrating correct ergonomics whilst sitting at a computer. It was great to see when we adjusted your chair, incorporated a footrest or changed the positioning of the keyboard, mouse and keyboard how your posture improved - this will hopefully avoid nasty neck, arm and back aches!

Looking at the Web Browser Google Chrome and Search Engine Google came next. We practised inserting a URL (web address) into Chrome's Ominbox (there is a video in slides above if you would like to review again). New tabs were created while keeping our existing webpage open. Including right clicking on a hyperlink on the webpage to open the link in a new window.

Saving a webpage in Google Chrome is called creating a 'Bookmark'. We created a couple of Bookmarks in Other Bookmarks. Next time I would like to show you how to show the Bookmarks Bar and use Bookmarking more efficiently.

The Library Tour and 3D printing was great to show what support services we have available to you. Ensure you all go over to Client Services to receive your Student ID Card shortly. This card can assist you in receiving concession discounts around town.

We had a glance at the Assessment Package for Prepare for Computing. I would like you to read through the student assessment information - please ask me if you have any queries. I have allowed time for you to do the assessment tasks in class - remember you are beginning to use a computer and are definitely not expected to complete the tasks by yourself.

The last part of our session we were hit with an internet outage, where only some of you could create your Google Account and start your learning journal blog. Remember when things do not work as usual on the internet, there is a fair chance the internet is the cause - not you!
Let's hope the internet will go smoothly on Monday since we would like to start on email and Google Drive and creating documents.

See you Monday :)