Sunday, February 21, 2016

Learning session 5 - Friday 19th February 2016

Session 5 Slides (2MB) and PDF (11MB)

During Friday sessions I aim to introduce many emerging technologies, where you can experience the great benefits of technology. 
After Tuesday's recap I sent an email activity to your Gmail accounts to complete. The activity involved printing the email (looking at the black and white function, selecting the printer for our room and checking how many pages we need to print). We entered a web address into the web bar in Google Chrome to access the Apple iPad User Guide at  . We bookmarked the webpage since we will be using this guide as a resource during the coming weeks. For our next activity we made our way via demonstrated hyper-links to locate the iPad User Guide in PDF form to download to our USB and Google Drive (this is iOS 8.4 not the latest iOS 9)


I distributed 'The iPad explained', 'Using the touch-screen' and 'Status icons' handouts throughout the morning to insert into our Emerging Technologies folder. A brief video was displayed about the iPad (only the first minutes was played during class). 
We continued with an overview of the iPad, the multi-touch screen, button and connectors, status icons, General Settings, together with the Safari app. The Camera and Photo briefly followed. Next week we will look at how we can create our own Apple ID and download Apps onto the iPad.

After our break we make a journal entry into our Blogger app. I gave a demonstration of the features of Blogger, the Post editor page and how to edit a blog post to insert an image. I aim to reply to each students' blog weekly; where I ask you in return to reply to my comment on your post. I will have selected topics that I will ask you to post about weekly, including adding features to your blog.