Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Learning session 4 – Tuesday 16th February 2016

Session 4 Slides (3MB) and PDF (1MB)

Google Drive Shared Class Folder
Session 4 we began with a recap of session 3. We delved into Gmail settings to insert an automatic signature into our Gmail account. Further Gmail options explored were: delete an email, forward an email and search in Gmail. The issues related to the use of email and protocols, such as, privacy and legal issues to the use of email were discussed (view the Gmail section in Learning guide 2 for information). 

We looked at what we can do if we forget our Google Account password; along with how to view our Google Account information when logged into our Google Account.
Next, we added the Google Drive shared class folder to your own Google Drive. This folder contains class files we will need, including, the introduction booklet, practice files, learning session slides, images, collaborative activities folder and more to come during the term.

Within the Practice Files folder we made a copy of the Computer Elements Format activity document, where we started to change the format of the headings and paragraphs within the document. Changing font type, font style, font colour, font size, text alignment and inserting images from Google. After a while we looked at how text can be wrapped around an image, together with inserting page breaks, so text or an image would not go onto the page above.

Remember Google Docs autosaves your work every change you make. This feature is really helpful and one less function we have to worry about. Remember we always need to back up our files, so we downloaded out file onto our USB (File > Download As > Microsoft Word doc > find our USB > save).

The last part of the session we reviewed file sizes while completing a bullets list activity in Google Docs. This is useful for comprehending how big a file is that you create, upload or download. 

Lastly we completed the session by reviewing conditions of the internet, including basic copyright and how to acknowledge authors from the internet.

Friday we will be working with iPads.