Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Learning session 7 - Tuesday 23rd February 2016

Email activity   .pdf (249kb)

Word processing and computer research activity (19KB)

Session Slides (2MB) and PDF (972KB)

After a recap of session six we jumped straight into completing the day's email activity. This activity included searching for and navigating job websites. The objective was to capture a job that took our eye and capture the job title, description and URL for the particular job.
The second word-processing task was to find certain features in Windows 7 and either Printscreen or use the Snipping Tool to answer the questions. The question involved finding the Computer system properties, Control Panel, Windows Explorer displaying the Pictures folder and where on our computer we can find the Installed Apps - so we know what programs we have installed on our system.

During our exploration of the career websites we had a look at how to apply for the job online - via uploading a Resume. We found that on some websites they had example of file types and file sizes they excepted, e.g. .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, and .txt
I gave a brief description of each (see image above) and explained how you could open a .txt document with a Windows program called the Notepad (this app comes included in Windows Operating Systems.

After break we completed a Practice Quiz I placed on our Prepare for Computing class blog.  This quiz was to see what you had remembered during the last six/seven sessions and see if I should spend more time on a particular topic. We will be going over and repeating many topics we have already covered in class. If you did not complete the quiz in class or you would like to have another go at the Prepare to access a personal computer quiz click here



After completing the quiz we began on our word-processing project. I have asked you to create a Recipe booklet, which includes at least four recipes. If you would prefer to create a booklet on another topic please negotiate with me to ensure the topic will cover all criteria required. this project will include many skills and knowledge gained already in our short time and some new skills we will pick up along the way. The emphasis will be on presentation, preparing you for future study or employment. This project will most likely take several sessions to complete.