Thursday, March 17, 2016

Week 6 Blogger activity example

This week we are looking at how to insert links into Blogger with a purpose.
We will type a few sentences and insert links to various webpages and Google Drive files we have created.

See the example below

Week 6

During the last six weeks we have been learning basic computing while using free web based applications. During week one we completed a computer keyboard tutorial. This tutorial will help with my typing skills.

Week two we created a Gmail Account and downloaded the iPad User Guide to find out how to use the iPad. During week 3 we created word-processing documents, including a Cut and Paste activity, Computer Elements and a Recipe booklet.

Week 4 we found out how to problem solve with the Google Help Center. We learnt about Google Maps, YouTube and how to use Google Apps on the iPad. During week 5 I created a Travel Itinerary for my Assessment Task 1 and created events in Google Calendar.

This week, week 6, I have started my Assessment Task 3 using Google Slides on Google Calendar. I decided to review this app/device because i feel it will be a good app for my work, study and personal commitments...